Popping My Blogging Cherry

So as you probably guessed in the title, this is my first ever blog post.  I haven't done much of this sort of thing before, yet all my life I have written journals or diaries here and there.  So basically this blog will be the same.  Random musings and secrets of mine.  I can't tell you if it will be a good read, but I can say that I have had a lot of experiences that could be viewed as good or bad.  I am sure that not everything that I write about will be interesting either.  I believe that I just wanted somewhere to vent all the things in my mind, without judgement or that "look" from people I may know.  So I will do my best to keep this blog as personal as I can, without true identities coming through.  Especially my own as some of the topics I will likely write about will be embarrassing or private issues.  Just remember, I am a newbie at this.  I will make mistakes and I will learn.  As this blog is intended to be real and personal, its also intended to be anonymous as well.  So here's to a new blog, written by me as "Victoria's Secrets"


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